About Us


Keep Magnolia Clean was started in 2011.  Long-term residents had wondered why there was not a locally-owned business that focused on food scrap diversion and recycling (but also collects trash) and was dependable.  Streamlining the waste management process so customers only have to deal with one hauler was highly rated, along with us providing reusable recycling bags so customers have to purchase fewer trash bags.

Areas We Serve

The foothills of unincorporated Boulder County, Magnolia Drive, Lazy Z, Sugarloaf, Camp Eden, Pinecliffe, Golden, Wondervu, Rollinsville, Eldora and Nederland.

Our Mission

To reduce waste, recycle more and reuse items when possible.  We are contributing to achieving Boulder County’s zero waste goals, and offer mountain residents the choice of a full-service company committed to keeping as much trash as possible out of our landfills.