Customer: please select one of the plans below that will meet your needs.  The below plans include unlimited amount of food scraps and flatten corrugated cardboard.  Residential customer plans include bags of compost during the summer months. If you don’t see a plan that meet your needs, please call our office to discuss how we can work together.  Once you submit a Begin Service form, please look for a welcoming email from us.

Recycling*, Food Scrap and Trash Service

Plan A: 1 13-gallon size trash bag + 2 32-gallon size recycling bags each week  $40.00/every 4 weeks
Plan A – Every-Other-Week Pickup: 1 13-gallon size trash bag + 2 32-gallon size recycling bags  $15.00/every pickup
Plan B: 2 13-gallon size trash bags + 3 32-gallon size recycling bags each week  $60.00/every 4 weeks
Plan B – Every-Other-Week Pickup: : 2 13-gallon size trash bags + 4 32-gallon size recycling bags  $24.00/every pickup
Plan C: 3 13-gallon size trash bags + 4 32-gallon size recycling bags each week  $72.00/every 4 weeks
Plan D: Commercial Clients  Call our office to discuss your needs and pricing.

* We take all recyclables, including glass! Please put all recyclables in the green 32-gallon nylon bags that we provide.  There is no need to sort!  Securely bag your trash (and place in a container with a tight lid that will keep the magpies, foxes and bears away); flatten all corrugated cardboard.

Note:  Remember to have your items out and ready for pickup by 8am.  We offer ‘pickup at your garage’ or at ‘the end of your driveway’  — your choice.


Unlimited food scraps collection is included with residential recycling and trash service. You will also receive a 3-gallon, MaxAir hinged [countertop] container with a few compostable bags to get you started.  We think you’ll like how it looks and the lack of odor as you add items throughout the week.  I suggest freezing your bags of food scraps until your pickup day.  You can purchase additional compostable bags at Ace Hardware in Nederland; McGuckins, Target, or online.  Reminder: During the summer 2015, we returned 83 40-pound bags of compost to clients for use in their gardens or around bushes or trees.  Make sure you are on the list for 2016!  Help us keep compost clean by following the guidelines below.

Items that can be included:  fruit/vegetable scraps, eggshells, coffee grounds/filters/tea bags, meat, fish, poultry, dairy products and only certified compostable products by BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) or that meet ASTM standards.

Prohibited items: oil/grease/fat; all plastic-coated paper products, including milk/juice cartons, hot/cold drinking cups and ‘to-go’ food containers.

Slash Removal

No job is too small.  We ask that you place your slash in an accessible location (no need to bundle), and make sure the pieces/limbs are no more than 8 feet in length. The process: you measure the length x width x height of your pile(s).  Based on the total cubic feet, you ask yourself “how many hours would this take me to load, transport and unload?”  Submit a special pickup form and I’ll come by and look at your pile(s).  It’s really very easy and fast.  Visit our testimonials page to read what other slash customers have to say about our dependability and service.  We look forward to helping you accomplish your fire mitigation work.

The Nederland Community Sort Yard will open again on May 4 through October 15, 2017, Wednesday – Saturday from 9am to 5 pm.  This is a free resource for Boulder County residents.  You should call the yard at 303-678-6368 to check operational status; sometimes they close due to inclement weather or staff training.  PLEASE REVIEW THE LINK ABOVE TO SEE WHAT IS ACCEPTED AND ITEMS THAT ARE NOT.  You can also email Wayne Harrington, sort yard operator, at

Small-to-Medium Size Special Pickups

“A reasonable price for a great, convenient service” We believe our customers are fair-minded – so they get to set the price for small-to medium-size special pick-ups, which could include electronics, slash, old documents to be shredded, useable wood that can go to ReSource, or scrap metal. We think it will work out great for our customers and for us.  When you are considering a fair price, ask yourself how much time it will take you to handle the items, and are there costs associated with processing them.  For example, CHaRM charges a small fee per electronic.  By working together, we can Keep Magnolia Clean, and recycle unwanted items into useful goods.  Click to schedule.

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