Begin Service

All customers need to submit the Begin Service with Keep Magnolia Clean form to receive service. Within 24 hours, the customer will receive a welcoming email detailing the Plan he/she selected, pickup location/day and payment information.  The customer accepts the terms and conditions outlined below when he/she makes the first payment.

Terms and Conditions

The majority of customers are on a quarterly billing cycle and pay in advance of service being provided.  An electronic invoice is sent to the email address on file and is due prior to starting service.  Customers have a few options available to pay for services.  They include:

  • Write a personal check, made payable to Keep Magnolia Clean, and mail it to P.O Box 1706, Nederland, CO 80466-1706; or
  • Set up auto-bill pay through your checking account; or
  • Pay via PayPal from the face of the e-invoice.

Customers use for free the green recycling bags and compost container while receiving service.  If you stop service, there is a $18 charge if you want to retain the recycling bags and compost container.

Late Payment Policy

Payment is requested via PayPal and due upon receipt.  If payment is not received by the 7th of the month, a late fee of $15.00 will be assessed and appear on your next e-invoice.

Vacation Hold Policy

Each customer may request up to four (4) vacation stops per calendar year as part of their service.  No additional vacation stops/credits will be processed after the fourth request.  All vacation holds must have a restart date and submitted on the Vacation Hold form at least 24 hours prior to the day you need service stopped.

Returned Check Fee

If your check is returned for insufficient funds, a fee of $25.00 will be assessed and I’ll contact and let you know about this oversight.

Cancellation Policy

Keep Magnolia Clean is a small company that has chosen not to have contracts with customers.  If you find you need to cancel service, we ask that you provide at least a 14-day written notice via email.  Some people want to buy the compost container and green bags.  In short, it takes time to process a client’s file, issue the final e-invoice, and receive final payment.