Community Resources

Our community page will be a ‘reservoir’ of relevant topics and links for everyone including zero waste efforts throughout the county; protecting bears from being killed in the Boulder area due to the availability of human trash; local land/special use issues, and learn what children are doing about environmental and sustainability issues.  We hope you bookmark the page and visit often.



Nederland — the Town’s homepage is a great place to begin to learn about our leaders, news, activities/events and more.

Sustainability Advisory Board – is an appointed board that advises the Board of Trustees on issues of sustainability, conservation, and renewable energy in Town facilities and operations.

Nederland Community Center – watch a movie, work out, hold a meeting — you can do this and more.  Great new sign and a new movie projector!


  • Eco-Cycle – a pioneer and innovator in resource conservation at 64th & Arapahoe, next to ReSource.
  • Best Buy – Boulder (and all locations) recycle old phones, batteries, and more — free service!
  • Boulder Bear Coalition – a concerned group of citizens working to minimize the number of bears killed due to human causes, aka, not securing their trash.
  • RE/MAX – serving Nederland, Sugarloaf and Boulder.
  • Mock Realty – serving Nederland and Boulder for more than 48 years.
  • Wildlife Partners – A Boulder County resource working with homeowners to reduce their home’s vulnerability to wildfires.
  • Wright Kingdom Real Estate – an independently-owned real estate broker serving Boulder and the surrounding communities for over 35 years.


Board of County Commissioners – our elected officials!  Get to know them and make your voice heard. The commissioners approve the budget for the entire county government, spearhead individual initiatives, and oversee management of 10 county departments.

They also provide leadership and work collaboratively with fellow elected officials in the Assessor’s, Clerk’s, Coroner’s, District Attorney’s, Sheriff’s and Treasurer’s offices to ensure that Boulder County continues to provide the best in public service.

Boulder County Planning Division  – primary responsibilities include maintaining the comprehensive plan and land use code, reviewing development proposals for consistency with the Comprehensive Plan and conformance with the Land Use Code, conducting site visits and inspections, answering day-to-day planning and zoning questions from the public, and historic preservation.


The Environmental Group – keep current on the toll road project, expansion of Gross Dam Reservoir and fracking

Solar Institute – applying sustainability on a practical and cost-effective basis

Solar Gardens Institute – a community shared solar array with grid-connected subscribers. Homes and businesses, even if shaded by trees, receive a bill credit as if the panels were on their own roof using “virtual net metering”.

Biodegradable Products Institute – Certified Compostable