Why should I select Keep Magnolia Clean?

Keep Magnolia Clean, LLC is the only full-service provider in the foothills.  We collect all recyclables, including glass; offer unlimited food scraps to our residential customers (and free compost during the summer months) and are committed to minimizing trash in our landfills.  We are very dependable yet flexible as we provide service to seasonal residents and offer every-other-week service.  We also supply customers with green, reusable nylon bags for their recyclables … which means you need to purchase fewer trash bags!  Additional services include slash collection and small-to-medium size special pick-ups (cleaning out an old shed; getting your house ready to rent).  The customer sets the price for pickups simply because we believe you are fair-minded.  We look forward to adding you to our route schedule.

When should customers have their recycling/trash ready?

Please have your items out (and covered) by 8:00 am on your collection day.  Given the wildlife in the area, we ask that you do not place items outside the night before.

What areas do you service?

We provide service from Sugarloaf over to upper Coal Creek Canyon, including the Magnolia Road area and the Town of Nederland.  Sometimes, we receive requests that are outside our service area.  When this occurs, we are willing to provide service, but there may be a fuel surcharge.

What kind of container do customers place their recycling items in?

We provide reusable, green nylon bags to our customers for their recyclables.  Please rinse your containers and place them along with your mixed paper/paperboard in the nylon bags.  We will collect your full green bags, and leave you fresh, laundered ones for your next collection day.  We ask that you flatten corrugated cardboard and leave large pieces on the ground vs. trying to fit them into the green bags.  Please tie your green bag to your trash can handle.  We are happy to work with customers who are new to food scrap diversion and/or recycling.

What type of container do customers put their food scraps in?

A sturdy, hinged counter top food scraps container and a few BioBags are provided to get you started free of charge when you begin full service (recycling, trash and food scrap collection).  Several customers purchase a 5-gallon bucket with a gamma lid at McGuckin Hardware that they use when placing their BioBags of food scraps curbside.  They keep the animals out and smells in!

What kind of container do customers put their trash in?

Customers place their bagged trash in a sturdy trash can with a lid the morning of pickup.  Loose trash in the bottom of your container will not be collected.  If you would like to purchase a bear proof can, we recommend one of these.  They are $68.00 and can be purchased from Grainger (38th and Walnut) in Boulder.  McGuckin’s Hardware also started selling bear-proof trash cans recently. Please refer to the last FAQ to learn ‘what is not collected’.  Given the winds in the foothills, you might want to secure your trash can to a t-post using a bungee cord so the wind does not blow it away.

How do I start using Keep Magnolia Clean?

It’s easy — complete the Begin Service form, paying special attention to any special instructions needed.  We are unable to begin service until we receive this form and your first payment.  Once we receive the completed form, we’ll send you a welcoming email and set up a visit to provide you with a food scrap bucket, your green recycling nylon bags and answer any questions you have.  Please provide an email address that you check often; this is our primary method of communication with our customers.  If you want to receive text messages, make sure the phone number you provide can receive text messages.

Do you offer pick up service at the house?

Yes, we can collect your items at your house ($2.50/pickup) or at the end of your driveway (free).  Your drive must be accessible, aka plowed, during the winter months.  On those days you know the drive is inaccessible, please bring your items to the end of your driveway.

Yikes, a lot of snow fell overnight – will you pickup our stuff today?

Luckily, we are blessed that Boulder and Gilpin County road crews are out plowing in the wee hours of the morning.  So, by the time I am ready to start, the roads have been cleared.  When more than 8″ of snow falls, we start our routes a couple hours later to give the county road crews more time and space to plow.  We also want to give residents who live on private roads time to have their roads plowed.  NOTE: Each April, we tend to receive a huge dump … 15-20″.  In that circumstance, the collection is delayed by one day … but we always email (or text) to let you know.  We are fortunate to have such dedicated road crews; a delay has only occurred a few times in five years.

I did it again and forgot to put my items out for collection.  Help!

We all forget a few things now and then.  The first two ‘oops, I forgot distress calls’ are free.  I’ll come back and pickup your items as a courtesy.  On the third distress call, a $7.50 return trip charge will be added to your invoice.

I lost one of my recycling bags?  How do I get another one?

At the start of service, each customer receives the number of reusable, green recycling bags based on their service plan.  When I collect your filled bag(s), I double tie your fresh bag(s) to the trash can handle.  If a bag is lost or damaged beyond repair, a replacement fee of $3.75 will be accessed on your next billing cycle e-invoice.

We are moving – can I keep the green recycling bags and compost container?

Customers use these inventory items for free while receiving service.  If you would like to retain these items, the cost is $18 and this charge will be included on your last e-invoice.  We appreciate you using a local company while living in the area and hope you are able to find a similar provider in your new community.

How do I handle large pieces of corrugated cardboard? 

Paperboard (cereal boxes, macaroni and cheese boxes, 6-pack beer cartons) should be placed in the green single-stream recycling bags, along with small pieces of corrugated cardboard.  Large pieces of corrugated cardboard (shipping boxes, large screen television boxes, boot/ski boxes) should be flattened and placed next to your other items.  Please do not try and fit these into the single-stream, nylon bags – they stress the seams and/or rip the bags.

How do I handle packing/shipping materials?

Stryrofoam (block #6) is now being accepted by the County — so please leave out and I’ll handle for you.  Peanuts is considered trash.  Bubble wrap can be reused (many folks notify neighbors via their neighborhood listserv) or it can be taken to CHaRM in Boulder.

As a customer, am I really making a difference?

Yes, and thank you for your business.  As a Magnolia Road resident, we are here for the long haul and are pleased to contribute to Boulder County having the highest recycling rate in the state.  We are all working to make Colorado a wonderful state to live, work and play in, and continue to improve by reducing, recycling and reusing more.  In 2016, KMC customers diverted a total of 73 tons of single stream, food scraps and cardboard from the landfill.  You truly are making a difference.  Thank you.

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes, you can pay via PayPal or a personal check.  All e-invoicing is completed on the last day of each month, and sent to the email address on file.  Most customers pay for services a quarter in advance, and use Bill Pay through their checking account.  All items put out for collection not included in your plan will be detailed on the next month or quarterly e-invoice.

What are the terms of payment for customers on a monthly billing cycle?

Net 7 days. You will avoid a $15 late fee by paying your invoice by the 7th of each month. If a personal check is returned for insufficient funds, there is a $25 charge.

How do I let you know I’m going on vacation?

As a Keep Magnolia Clean residential customer, you may request up to four (4) vacation stops (up to 7 days) per calendar year.  All vacation hold requests must have a restart date and be submitted using the Vacation Hold form at least one full business day prior to the start of your service being suspended.

Laundered nylon bags. 

Yes.  The green, nylon single-stream recycling  bags are washed weekly and repaired if needed.  To help with minimizing tears, we appreciate it if you would keep the green bags indoors so mice, rabbits and other animals don’t chew through them in search of food.  Please leave large pieces of corrugated cardboard outside of the green bags so the seams are not stressed or ripped.

What is your cancellation policy?

Keep Magnolia Clean is a small company that has chosen not to have cumbersome contracts with customers.  If you find you need to cancel, we ask that you provide no less than a two weeks notice in writing.  Some people want to buy the compost container and green bags.  In short, it takes time to process a client’s file, issue the final e-invoice and receive payment.  We hope we’ve helped you become more mindful of food scraps and recycling diversion and assisted you in minimizing the amount of trash going into the landfills.

Can I put out extra items not included in my plan?

Yes, you can put out an extra bag of trash, or a broken lawn chair.  I charge you $1.00 above what the landfill charges me for additional item(s) and they will be itemized on your e-invoice.  Landfill fees were raised February 1, 2016.  We try and keep it easy and simple!

Can I move from one Plan to another?

Yes.  Some customers have moved from Plan A to Plan B because they generate two bags of trash each week, or have moved to every-other-week service from weekly service.  Either way, it is important to be on the right plan — this allows me to plan the routes more efficiently.

Can you say more about the food scrap collection process?

As a reminder, unlimited residential food scraps is included in your recycling and trash service fee.  Customers are provided a hinged, counter top food scrap bucket to use while receiving service and a few Biobags to get you started.  I will go through your food scraps when you begin service and let you know if something should have been recycled or placed in your trash.

We signed a pledge with Eco-Cycle to keep plastics out of the food scraps that we receive.  Please only include BPI-certified cutlery (which is made from cornstarch).  Most other food containers have a plastic/shiny lining, and are considered trash.

I have a question that is not listed in your FAQ section.  How do I let you know?

Please email your suggestion to owner@keepmagnoliaclean.com or through the feedback form.  Your input makes us a better company!

What items will not be collected on your pickup day?  This items must be disposed of differently and taken to Western Disposal or to the Hazardous Materials facility.

  1. Dirt, brick, concrete, rock or wire fencing
  2. Remodeling, construction or demolition debris.
  3. Ashes, coals or other flammable materials such as solvents, oil, gas or paint, propane canisters
  4. Hazardous waste materials
  5. Liquid waste
  6. Dead animals
  7. Batteries
  8. Tires
  9. Yard waste (pine needles, branches, limbs/slash) — this is considered a special pickup request.