Zero Waste Useful Links

We will continue to add relevant links and studies to further educate people about zero waste.  Please feel free to send us useful links, through our feedback form, and we can add them as well.

  • CHaRMCenter for Hard-to-Recycle Materials

Zero Waste Documents – Boulder County

Sustainability Resources

Bear Proof Trash Cans — a couple of links/choices are listed below.

    • Grainger:  they carry a 30-gallon, very durable, can with a gamma lid.  It costs $68.00 (quite a bit cheaper than Bear Saver), does a great job and you don’t have to pay shipping costs.  Several of my customers have purchased these.  The store is at 38th and Walnut in Boulder.
    • McGuckin Hardware:  they sell the Brute Commercial line of trash cans and lids.  These lids are very difficult to get off; they snap on very snugly.  A bit cheaper option that the Grainger can.