Welcome to keep Magnolia Clean, your local source for recycling, composting, and garbage needs for the Nederland, Sugarloaf, Rollinsville, and Coal Creek Canyon areas.  We offer several concierge level service  plans to fit your lifestyle and budget.  We make composting and recycling easy!  We can also go where the big trucks can’t, and offer optional front door or garage pick up, saving you time and offering convenience.  Have a long private road?  We can do it.  All our vehicles are 4WD and handle the snow like a pro. Locally owned and operated by people who drive these roads everyday, we know what the weather up here is like, and offer a no excuses policy for pick up.  Need a custom plan or have an Airbnb?  Contact us to develop a custom plan unique to your needs.

If you would like to know what concierge level, dependable service can feel like, take a look at our plan options or contact us.

These guys are awesome! No matter the weather or situation, they have always come through. Consistent great service, going on 4 years. Best local business in the Ned, Coal Creek area!

Scott P.