Billing and Policies

It’s hard to believe that Keep Magnolia Clean has been in business for ten years now, and we are very appreciative of you supporting a small, local business.    Thank you for selecting a local company that is committed to minimizing waste that goes into our landfills. 

Following are our company policies and a description of our service plans:

Plan A every other week service includes us collecting: 1 13-gallon white bag of trash, 2 bags of recyclables and unlimited food scraps 

Plan B every other week service includes us collecting: 2 13-gallon white bags of trash, 3 bags of recyclables and unlimited food scraps 

Plan A weekly service includes us collecting: 1 13-gallon white bag of trash, 2 bags of recyclables and unlimited food scraps –

Plan B weekly service includes us collecting: 2 13-gallon white bag of trash, 3 bags of recyclables and unlimited food scraps  

Plan C weekly service includes us collecting: 3 13-gallon white bag of trash, 4 bags of recyclables and unlimited food scraps  

Garage door service includes us coming down your driveway up to 500 feet, and collecting from your garage or in front of your garage.

Private road service includes me coming down your private road to the end of your driveway, or driveways over 500 feet, and collecting your items from a designated spot.

For custom and commercial packages, please call us or refer to your start email for your particular details.  If you need a copy, please don’t hesitate to ask.


We ask that items be fully prepped and ready for collection by 9 am and that all trash, compost and recycling are bagged.  No unbagged trash or single stream recycling or corrugated cardboard items will be collected.  Please DOUBLE TIE your trash and compost bags to be sure they don’t break open upon collection. Cinch all blue and yellow bags shut with the toggle closure and the flap on the inside of the Compost bags must be compostable, and single stream goes in 32 gallon contractor bags until Covid19 has been reined in.  There is a 30 pound limit per bag. I measure your trash volume, so if you happen to have two bags, but they total 13 gallons of space, it only counts as one, 13 gallon bag.  

Please, no open or empty boxes, totes, bags or other containers.  All items must be tied or sealed shut so they don’t fly out of the truck. Please bundle your boxes, DO NOT use a box to contain your boxes, but tie them with twine. 

You will place your bag of trash in the bottom of your can with your food scrap bags on top of your trash.  Depending upon the size of your can, many people are able to place their green bags of recyclables in the can, or tie them to the trash can handles.  As a reminder, please rinse your commingled containers (plastic, glass, cans) and place them in the blue bags.  All corrugated cardboard go in the yellow bags. There is no need to sort your paper from your rinsed, commingled containers (glass, cans, plastic) in the bags.  I’m providing a link to the single-stream recycling flyer from Eco-Cycle.  The recycling center has stressed that absolutely no plastic bags, films, bubble mailers, or thick plastic bags are to be placed in single stream recycling.  Please help protect our access to recycling by complying.   

Food scrap- the majority of customers tie up and freeze their food scraps in compostable bags until the morning of pickup — it does keep the smell down in your home, keeps your can cleaner, and contributes to diverting food scraps out of the landfill.  You can purchase additional compostable bags at Indian Peaks ACE, McGuckin Hardware, Alfalfa’s, Target Costco or online. You probably know — our homes attract bears every season. Please place your items out the morning of your collection and not the night before.

Corrugated cardboard should be completely broken down and flat, not compacted or crushed, with tape and staples removed, and put in the yellow bags.  If they don’t fit into the yellow bags, they need to be cut down so they do fit.   Due to wind, we can’t take boxes that aren’t in the yellow bags.  If you have more than a few boxes, you need to put them in black contractor bags and label them.

Pizza boxes belong in compost–  please don’t put them or any other corrugated cardboard into single stream recycling.

Extra trash and recycling:    

You can always put out an extra bag of trash or other landfill items and they will be itemized on your next quarter’s invoice.  If you have more than a total of 32 gallons of extra trash/recycling/compost/cardboard, please call or email us so we can plan ahead. For estimating this is usually:

  • 2 or more FULL 13 gallon bags
  • 1 thirty two gallon contractor bag
  • 1 foot or taller stack of cardboard

We will always try to take as much as we possibly can, but there may not be room on the truck for all of the extra items.

All items should be placed at the end of your driveway or at the main road.  If you have a private road or have requested garage door service, and it has snowed more than 2 inches, your road or driveway must be plowed without drifts and have clear access to the previously designated collection site.  Please make sure that your driveway and/or private road has clear access between the hours of 9am and 3pm on the day of your collection. If you come across a situation in which this can’t be done due to weather, a contractor, or scheduling emergencies, you have the following options:

  • You can skip your pick up and count it as a vacation hold
  • You can bring your items to the curb or main road 
  • You can schedule a special pickup, subject to availability, additional fees apply.


It’s extremely rare for us to cancel service due to weather.  Scheduled changes due to holidays will be sent via email, and  on our Facebook page. Unscheduled changes will be announced via email and on the Facebook page, or on Instagram. If there is ever a cancellation due to weather or a scheduled break that does not have a make up day, you will be credited for that pick up.

PLEASE NOTE- All communication with us should be via our contact form, email to , or text to 303-565-0452.  We’ve found the messenger function for pages on Facebooks and Instagram do not work reliably for communication. 


Lastly, all e-invoicing is completed on the 15th of the month each March, June, September, and December for the next quarter and sent to your email address. You may want to put in your list of trusted emails to avoid invoices being sent to spam.   If you are just starting service, please look for and pay your invoice for service before your first collection. If you don’t receive an invoice by the end of the quarter, please let me know.

If you prefer EFT or automatic withdrawal of funds, please let me know and we can help you set that up.  

Please don’t hesitate to call, email or text if you have any questions.  For those of you who are new, I look forward to meeting you and will leave the KMC inventory items (2 recycling bags, the compost container and a few compostable bags) when I collect your items for the first time..

In an effort to be consistent and efficient, I have implemented a new vacation hold policy.  Each customer can request up to 4 vacation holds (each skipped pick up counts as a hold) per calendar year, and the vacation hold must be submitted via the form online.  This ensures I receive your request and please expect a confirmation from me.


Friendly reminders

  • Make sure you check your email; this is our primary method of communication.
  • Ensure I have your correct email address and phone number if you changed them.
  • Continue to place your items out for collection by 9am.
  • Please be mindful of the date your monthly invoice payment is due.  As a reminder, we provide service then request payment at the end of the month, net 7 days.  Late fees are assessed on the 7th of the month and will appear on your next invoice.  This process does not change, so please plan ahead to ensure you don’t incur late fees.
  • Past due invoices older than 90 days may result in a temporary stop in service until the account is brought current.

In closing, please know that you continue to help the environment by diverting so much away from the landfill.  Since inception, Keep Magnolia Clean customers have diverted over 500 tons of materials.

Again, thank you for choosing us to handle your waste needs. 


Please feel free to call us if you have any questions about the above.